What Are the Benefits?

Arkansas Bus Ads exists to help connect and grow Arkansas communities by providing affordable advertising for local businesses and financially assisting local school districts. Participating school districts raise thousands of dollars every year by partnering with us in our school bus ad campaign. Schools are allowed to use the funds raised for anything within their transportation department. Schools have used this to fund things like additional safety cameras, WiFi, or just repairing holes in seat covers. This not only helps the school, but it also gives local businesses an opportunity to advertise affordably while supporting the school. More information is written below, but the best way to get all of your questions answered is to schedule a meeting. We'd love to discuss the details with you.

What are the rules?

It is our desire that the advertisements reflect well on the school and only edify the student body. The advertisement cannot be related to any kind of politics, religion, smoking, alcohol, drugs, sexual references, or anything that does not edify the student body. We withhold the right to reject any advertisement that is not deemed edifying to the student body. The ads must be approved by the school district and Arkansas Bus Ads.

How much does it cost?

This is the greatest part of the entire program. It costs absolutely NOTHING for a school district to join this program! There is no cost and no risk. If the program isn't profitable (it only takes one ad to become profitable) then your school district has not lost anything. You do not even need to add this to a staff member's to-do list. We manage absolutely everything for the school. There are no long-term contracts and no fees. The only thing the school has to do financially is accept a check annually.

How can I get more info?
Schedule a time to meet in person.

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