An Incredible Opportunity


By advertising with Arkansas Bus Ads, you have the opportunity to make a difference in the community and grow your business at the same time. Proceeds from this advertisement go to helping the school for special projects within their transportation department. Some schools choose to upgrade their safety cameras and procedures, fix up holes in seat covers, add wifi to the buses for longer trips, or whatever the school deems necessary.


Arkansas Bus Ads offers some of the cheapest advertising available in the state. This publicity is unlike any other form of advertising. There is no possible way to calculate the number of impressions or the reach of its influence, but it is like a driving billboard. Here are some reasons that you should advertise with Arkansas Bus Ads.

• These ads are very new. Every eye will be looking.

• This ad travels all around your city, not stuck in one place like a billboard.

• You are advertising to the students as well, getting your business in their minds before they even graduate.

• This is cheaper than most other forms of advertising.

• It's a great cause – SUPPORT YOUR SCHOOL!


Not all school buses are the same size and have the same details, like grooves, screws, and spaces, so every ad is custom designed and printed to the bus that it is on. The ad is placed on the side rear panel, at car level. They are all approximately 5' wide and 1'6" tall.


Our goal is to get your business the most positive recognition possible with your advertisement. To keep the design simple and uncluttered, we keep the design to just the business name and logo, and an optional short tagline. The design of the ad is included in the cost and will be completed by our professional design team. You will need to approve of your ad design before it is printed and placed on a bus.


It is our desire that the advertisements reflect well on the school and only edify the student body. The advertisement cannot be related to any kind of politics, religion, smoking, alcohol, drugs, sexual references, or anything that does not edify the student body. We withhold the right to reject any advertisement that is not deemed edifying to the student body. The ads must be approved by the school district and Arkansas Bus Ads.

School Districts

Participating School Districts

Batesville School District

We are actively seeking out more school districts in Arkansas to participate in this program. We currently offer advertisements on buses in the school districts listed here. If you would like to see your school district participate in this completely FREE program, tell them to visit

What Does It Cost?

There are no hidden fees. These ads are for the entire 2019-2020 school year.

Each bus has two ads, one on each side. The prices below include the design, print, and application for the ads. 

One Bus – $1,800/bus

Two Buses – $1,750/bus

Three Buses – $1,700/bus

Four Buses – $1,650/bus

Five Buses+ – $1,600/bus

One Side of One Bus – $1,000

Complete Payment Must Be Made Up Front.

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